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I started making cards in 2006 when I began working in a shop that sold materials for cards and scrapbooking. I live with my partner near the sea and enjoy walking and bird watching nearby. I have a Son, Daughter and two Grandsons currently 10 and 7 YOA. My partners website is Selsey weather Where you can see Selsey weather etc.He is a volunteer Lifeboat crew member.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Sorry I can't do the award thingy!!?

I have very kindly been given an award by Whisper http://whisperscards.blogspot.com/
and now one from Julie
I would very much like to respond to these but I am clueless as to how you get the links etc. I end up wasting a day and not achieving anything so if it's OK with you two I will post a card in your honour ( that's if I can manage that without deleting everything lol ).
Now all I need is some Mojo!!

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  1. You made me smile about this Ann. I look forward to seeing the card you make. Wish I could help you with your blogging. xxx